Golden Twist Kids Tee Size 12

Golden Twist Kids Tee Size 12

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Unisex T shirts for kids size 12.  Please size up as pre shrunk.

size of tee shirt reference 56 cm long. 42 cm wide. 

100% organic cotton 

each photo is the reference for the t shirt you will receive the size is accordingly 

This  t shirts is dyed by the ice dye method by Sara a Leonardi in Sydney each one is a one off piece and is unique. 
The lengthy process of achieving the dye to set is what will make this and all other clothing dyed by Sara last for ever.  

How you should care for your ice dye clothing 

well please wash cold with mild detergent - dry in dryer if you wish all pieces have been pre shrunk. 
do not use bleach or whitening products. 

wear proudly and happily.