It’s A Fad was born on April 24th 2019 in Sydney Australia as a way to spread happiness and magic in everyday life.
An experiment that started in my kitchen has magically evolved into an artform.  Each one of a kind t-shirt is tied and dyed by yours truly and much like casting a spell it already has an owner out there in the universe waiting to receive it.

I believe that there are no coincidences in life, you make your own magic and by choosing this unique wearable work of art you have done exactly that.

It’s A Fad wearable art works are made with love and bring excitement, happiness, laughter and a sense of freedom to anyone who wears them.  By wearing a one of a kind It’s A Fad piece you become a catalyst for positivity and goodness in this universe, free of judgment and capable of magic.
Like you and me, each piece is original, unique and nothing short of amazing.